Data security in cloud solutions

Controlling Software in the GERMAN CLOUD!

Being an independent and efficient supplier of a SaaS business controlling software who – for the first time ever – offers a controlling solution in the GERMAN CLOUD, it is our duty to offer our customers unsurpassed data protection standards, including maximum-security prerequisites, which are not subject to the US Patriot Act or access by third countries with poor data protection standards!

Datensicherheit Controlling Software

Your safety requirements are our business!

The Seneca solution in the public cloud is characterized by the following features:

  • We operate our system exclusively on servers located at a high-performance data centre in Munich, Germany. This data centre meets the most professional requirements and, due to its location, it is subject to the extremely rigorous German data protection legislation!
  • Our high-performance data centre guarantees an entirely carbon-neutral operation of all cloud servers and thus assumes responsibility towards the environment and the global community.
  • The customers are able to view, extract and completely delete all data sent to the cloud at any time as part of a process that can be traced from start to finish.
  • The Seneca high-performance cloud infrastructure responds to the customers’ demands in a flexible manner.

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