Cost accounting

Indirect costs - a challenge for your company?

These costs, commonly known as “non-specific costs”, are still discussed actively by experts. Even indirect costs have to be considered to analyze the profitability of single products, articles, customers and departments.

Do your existent systems play along?

Which are the cost drivers, which is the reference for cost allocation in your company?

Are cost drivers quantified in your company? Is the respective data provided to the management accounting in the required quality?

Cost Accounting managed by Seneca

How does the management accounting solution manage the task of data collection of cost drivers? Does it really adapt the specific value creation process of your company?

You achieve a new range of realistic allocation according to the source by connecting Seneca to various IT-systems and by automated access to relevant data. All with the highest comfort for the user!

Experience unimagined opportunities like never before!

Seneca is a platform for the structures of any company or organisation. Therefore there is a maximum of flexibility concerning extent and depth. Cost and performance relationship will be set up individually. The structure adapts to each modification.

Thanks to the direct connection to data sources (systemic implementation), Seneca does never miss a modification of cost drivers in cost accounting. The cost drivers are directly integrated into the determination of the allocation  key. Thereby Seneca represents an always up to date cost accounting.

Multistage of cost accounting - Multidimensionality of cost unit accounting

Seneca Management Accounting moves cost accounting significantly closer to the company processes by the integration of operative cost drivers.

Basically, cost accounting is an instrument of the middle-term management accounting. In former times, the high effort of data collection disabled a prompt creation of allocation. Now, thanks to Seneca Cost Accounting, the data is available promptly and in short. This fact enables the controller to have his finger on the pulse of the company. Short-term amplitudes of costs will be monitored in detail, using plausibility checks of cost drivers.

The company's management accounting gains unimagined opportunities to influence strategical decisions.

These can now be elaborated deeply. With Seneca, data mining and data processing take place automatically. Finally, there is capacity for the bare essentials!

For further information concerning Seneca Cost Accounting please read our whitepaper and contact us via E-Mail. We are looking forward to your message!