Seneca Plan & Back

Our solution for the bakery industry

The art of baking is a traditional craft. Even today, a lot of time, good craftsmanship, experience and the best ingredients are still used in the products of this guild. To accompany this traditional craft on its way to digitization, we have developed our own easy to use bakery planning model for companies in this sector. – Seneca Plan & Back!

What is Seneca Plan & Back?

With Seneca Plan & Back, we provide a standard for corporate planning and controlling that can be adapted to your requirements and previous systems as required with minimum effort.

Who is Seneca Plan & Back for?

Seneca Plan & Back offers bakery and confectionery businesses with branches and supply customers the optimal and cost-effective solution for simple and efficient corporate management as well as integrated financial planning of locations, cost centres and the entire company.

How does Seneca Plan & Back work?

Your financial and company data is automatically transferred to Seneca Plan & Back via a direct data link to your cash register system, your accounting department and other upstream systems. This allows you to concentrate on your planning and analyses without having to enter data.

Your master data as the basis for your Seneca Plan & Back!

With Seneca Plan & Back you can plan remarkably easy using the existing planning variants based on your current actual values.

Plan among other things

  • your sales, aggregated as required into article and merchandise groups, both for stores and delivery customers
  • cost of goods per article, article group and product group for stores and also for delivery customers based on the actual cost of goods and PLAN cost of goods ratios
  • sales according to planned branches and delivery customers and according to planned opening hours
  • personnel costs for existing and planned personnel, per cost centres such as branch, administration, delivery or other location or area
  • contribution margins per branch and cost centre and at the level of the entire company
  • extrapolation and preview of your business assessment and P&L from the synthesis of the actual values from your accounting and the integration of the plans
  • simulation of arbitrary parameters with transfer option to the plan