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Seneca Local - perfect for freelancers and small companies!

The easy way to your P&L, the planning of your liquidity, your forecasting and balance sheet planning. And all these processes will work out for you with fun! 

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You are full of ideas and have grand plans?

Do you run a small shop? Or do you hold your own craft business? Are you building up your own agency? Or else you are lending businesses your counselling support?

And now it is time for you to get into deeper planning and to widen your overview over your financials and your company figures for a successful future? Of course – you are full of ideas and have grand plans!

Shape the world of planning of your own company figures!

Make use of the helpful deposited Seneca formulas, calculation logics and the integrated planning system (IPS). From the creation of your individual plan of sales to your project and personnel planning; from calculation of your contribution margin to product calculation. Seneca is that armamentarium which accompanies you consequently and comfortably through the world of your figures.

Handling and preparation of company figures have never been so easy!

By the way…

…a well-calculated loan plan or the investment plan module by Seneca Local lead to a dialogue at eye level with your bank! Thanks to the Seneca software functions “loan plan” and “investment plan” you are always going to be prepared brilliantly!

How will your data be transferred into the system?

Adieu bleak data input and time-robbing typing of columns of figures!

Simple and secure possibilities of import with the help of our ETL-connectors enable the data transfer from your accounting and all your other source systems in the blink of an eye. If you wish, this happens fully automatically at a fixed date which you choose for yourself. Thus you know exactly about the state of your company up-to-the-minute.