Seneca Information Collector Forms (ICF)

Creation of individual tables for data collection

With the Seneca Add-on “ICF,” you can generate table forms that can be shared with external parties via a link for data capture. Contributors populate these forms with values, which you can subsequently review and make decisions on for rejection or approval.

The most important features

  • Dataset-independent forms for data collection
  • Freely definable columns
  • Column types: Text, Number, Decimal, Date/Time, Boolean, or Formula
  • Columns can be locked individually
  • Password protection for the form
  • Share the form via a link
  • Creation of schedules for automatic further processing
  • and much more

Decentralized data collection using freely generated forms

In Seneca, you can create a table to your specifications with just a few clicks. You are not bound to any dataset, and you have the freedom to choose which data you want to collect. You can easily and securely share the password-protected form with the contributors from whom you want to gather information through an external link. Once the contributors have inputted all the values, you can review, approve, or reject them. You always maintain control over how and if the received data is subsequently processed. This is achieved through schedules that you can link to the form and that, upon approval, perform the desired operations with the entered values.

How does it work?

  • You create the table and enter names and instructions for filling it
  • You choose an access name and assign a password to open the form
  • You optionally create one or more schedules after data release
  • You can create new columns and give them a column type and name
  • You share the link and access data with the people involved
  • You check the entered values, reject them or release them for further processing by the schedule

No system change required for data captures!

Using Seneca forms for data collection means you can securely and seamlessly gather data from external sources without having to leave the Seneca application. Time savings and a high level of data integrity are readily evident as significant benefits.

Make your data collection effortless and switch to the data-integrated use of this smart Seneca add-on!