Seneca Rating

Safe - reliable - credible

Real-time evaluation of companies and affiliates

Why do I need a Rating?
  • Improve your negotiating position towards banks, investors and suppliers
  • Lower the funding costs of your company
  • Improve your assessment ability of suppliers and affiliates
  • Lower the default risk of customers
  • Visualize the state of your company
Seneca Rating

Who needs Rating?

In keeping with the motto “From Start-ups to Global Players”, Rating is an important topic for each economic company. Whether SME or listed company – Seneca Rating supports you with the objective assessment of your solvency.

Which opportunities are provided by Seneca Rating?

The following options are available:

  • Rating Basic: Do a quick test with your primary balance sheet figures and key performance indicators
  • Rating Pro: Extensive solvency check with reports and derivation of key figures
  • Rating Professional: Full rating with a qualitative and quantitative assessment as well as evaluation of your report/survey i.a.

To use Seneca Rating you need your existing data of your Seneca Management Accounting or record data of affiliates.

All methods base on the approved mathematical-statistical discriminant analysis with logistic regression*

*powered by URA Rating Agency