Update your presentation documents just by a mouse-click!

With this MS-Office®-Add-in, which can be added individually, you can easily integrate reports, diagrams and heatmaps conveniently from your Seneca resource manager into your text document.

Seneca Word Add-In

Bridging Seneca Controlling into the MS-Office®-World

Connect additional areas of your company directly to reporting- and planning structures of Seneca Management Accounting.
By additional booking of the Seneca Modul MS-Office®-Integration, you will be able to dynamically link classic tools such as MS-Excel®, MS-Word® und MS-PowerPoint® with Seneca.

Data acquisition, presentation and business plans are mostly created with the help of these well-known tools. Did you ever find the tasks of combining graphics, reports or analyzes exhausting and time-consuming?

With the Seneca MS-Office®-Integration, you can cut the frills of these working processes in your company. And a “single point of truth” becomes reality in your world of numbers!